Melancholy Choices in life

"It is better to have loved and lost, rather than to have not loved at all."




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 unstable and not fully understood yet.



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"Listen to me, kid. I am not in any book. I’m a real person. And I’m no savior. You were right about one thing, though. I wanted you to have your best chance. But it’s not with me.”

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7. Killian wiping away Emma’s tears - There’s No Place Like Home (3x22)

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A lot of people tend to get very concerned and unease when I’m asked about my love life. So many questions just come to mind whenever it comes up—- my parents’ protectiveness, his unending college life and most of all, our religious difference. But let me clear everyone’s mind here because I wouldn’t be as fluent in person as I am here.

So many things have happened for the past (soon to be) two years that it makes me feel like we’ve already spent forever together and don’t really see the “big issues” as big anymore.

1. I know that my parents wouldn’t really understand what I feel toward him because of sooo many reasons, I already memorize them all. “He has a different religion. He doesn’t have a diploma yet. You could do so much better. You have your whole life ahead of you. You’re too young. etc.” It’s hard for me to let them understand how I feel because I feel like they want to make my decisions for me and in a single moment where I can exercise my independence, there will always this point wherein I have to choose them or him. I find it unfair. Very unfair. I love them both so much. Let me make one thing clear. I am not yet getting married and I don’t have plans to…YET. I just want to spend my days being happy with not only him but also with them. I don’t want to choose between them or him because both of their presence in my life in INDISPENSABLE. I refuse to believe that they would much prefer to lose a daughter than to guide her and her beloved in the right direction together. I love my parents. I owe them my life but I do not wish for them to decide for me regarding my love life because if I do, I won’t be able to make my own mistakes. I wish for them to stay by my side in every decision I make hindi yung ittakwil ka bilang anak dahil sa isang decision na hindi naman talaga sila ang may hawak. I want to be happy and the only way I will be is when I do not need to choose between my parents or him.

2. A lot of people think of him as dumb because he didn’t finish his first course. For all your information. No one is dumb. Everybody just has to accept that people excel at different fields and just because his field isn’t in the medical field doesn’t mean he isn’t smart at all. He excels in business and marketing. Really excels. So people mustn’t discriminate people of other fields.

3. The whole denomination thing is really the biggest hurdle in our life (supposed to be) but actually it isn’t. Ever since I met and got to know him, we both respected where we come from, the faith we believe in and honestly, God has been in the center of our life together. We always believe that us meeting had a reason behind it. We have always been a constant reminder to each other that God loves the both of us because of all people to bless, we were blessed with each other. Whenever we fight, it’s like God talks to us saying that you two could do so much with your time together rather than fight. Jesus Christ always reminds us that our time on earth is borrowed and that we could do all things because it is Him who gives us strength (Phil. 4:13). I never really had a life verse before I met him. Jake introduced me to that verse and since then, we would pray using the verses we find. Whenever we fought, I Cor 13:4-13 would always come to mind and we’d pray to have a love like that. When faced with trials, Jeremiah 29:11, Exodus 4:14 and Isaiah 41:10 would give us strength and courage. That is why we really do not problem our difference because we believe that God is for this relationship and He will make a way that is why if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31).

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